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05.03.2012 01:16
New baby from Idea Factory...
My first game character fanlisting, Spades; the approved fanlisting for Ikki from the game Amnesia (PSP) is now up and running! ♠

02.03.2012 23:09
New version coz I gotta snap out of it...
Welcome to version 6 entitled as Strawberry Parfait featuring the peace-lover Heiwajima Shizuo from the anime/manga series DURARARA!!!. I'm still finalizing the design of this layout, so few changes may come in the near future. Am I changing layouts pretty fast? I might be, as I have already lost interest in the previous version. But! Shizuo-kun might be joining us for a long while since I really love the outcome of this design. It's pinkish yet the featured character is a shounen, oh the irony just like Shizuo. ♥

27th February 2012
New baby, wish granted~
T_T (don't worry, those are happy tears), Atonement - the fanlisting for the anime/manga series Rurouni Kenshin is finally up and running; the series that I love and grew up with. Thank you so much TAFL for granting my wish! T_T

20th February 2012
Coz nothing is permanent, I guess?
I just transferred Time Stands Still - the fanlisting for the song A Thousand Years from my second fanlisting collective to edenTRAP. Please update your links!

09.02.2012 - This would be my fourth BLEACH-related fanlisting! Too Ugly! - a fanlisting for the laugh tripping Shinigami from the 11th Division; Ayasegawa Yumichika is now up and running. Thank you so much Lili for letting me take care of the fanlisting!

03.02.2012 - My first ever Yami no Matsuei fanlisting, Forbidden Desires - a fanlisting for the relationship between Muraki Kazutaka and Asato Tsuzuki is finally up and running.

25.01.2012 - Finally, a new fanlisting! I was approved to run the Meister Silvian Kirisaki fanlisting last Saturday and now Masquerade is open. ^_^

14.01.2012 - *Phew* Alas I'm done updating the members template of all my fanlistings, changing the email and website to @ and w3. I'm also stressed because of my other host not responding to my very important mails. @_@

06.01.2012 - I've decided to bring back edenTRAP today due to the fact that I wasn't been able to purchase a domain last Christmas that... I was really planning and dying to have.

29.10.2011 - I just came to realize how many weeks have I not updated my fanlisting collective at all. My apologies. Anyhow, I'd like to bid Instinct good-bye and say hello to Memories, the newest and current version of my collective's layout; featuring Denmark, Japan, Germany, Italy, Seychelles and France from Hetalia Axis Powers. The atmosphere of version 5 is more peaceful compared to version 4. <3 Another thing that I'd like to point out is, I got the Sohma Ayame, Hatori, Shigure fanlisting that I adopted from Clo and Maddy. Lastly, the other three newly opened fanlistings that I've completely forgot to mention are the following: Roll Out! (Bleach's 5th opening / YUI), Transcend (Otogi Zoshi fanlisting that I haven't finish the skinning yet), and Unraveling (Matsuyama Kenichi). If you happen to be a fan of the mentioned fanlistings, feel free to join. Also, I'm still open for affiliates so you can still apply anytime.

03.08.2011 - Welcome to version 4: INSTINCT! This took me the entire afternoon, and I love the messy outcome. It feels like I'm outside our dearest planet Earth - GALAXY! XDDD Anyways, our new affiliate is Last Escape and it's worth a visit~ and then my K.I.M. section is now open. I finally finished writing the script manually, banzai! <3

16.07.2011 - Recently, I haven't been able to list all the current updates occured in my collective due to my hectic schedules at school. Now I only plan to list the recent changes happened. First off, we have a new affiliate! Second, new fanlistings has been approved, so I'd like to welcome my new fanlistings; Kaleido Star and Hagi (Haji).

17.05.2011 - I have two newly approved fanlistings: the relationship between Atobe Keigo & Tezuka Kunimitsu and the fanlisting for L`Arc~en~ciel's song; Umibe. Make sure to check these newly opened fanlistings!

05.05.2011 - Moving on to Version 02, Infestation Like No Other! Souten ni Zase is now online but still waiting to get listed at TAFL.Org.

25.04.2011 - Souten ni Zase, the Hyourinmaru fanlisting has been approved by TAFL.Org.

27.03.2011 - Gah! O.O I got two approval email this day and to think I'm still working for my recently approved fanlisting of Hiroki Sakurai and Mika Tahara. I am so excited! XD Now I have to finish the remaining pages needed for H&M fanlisting then the newly approved fanlistings. I have 4 weeks to finish them.

20.03.2011 - I haven't touched my collective for a few weeks because of sickness, but now it's alive. As of now, I'm already using Enthusiast again. I'm currently making my own fanlisting management script and if it's a success, I'll use it.

14.02.2011 - First of all, Happy Hearts! to everyone. I've been approved on 3 fanlistings today and 4 yesterday. Sweet!

13.02.2011 - Now then, I think it's time for me to give myself a break... *faint* I've been joining fanlistings since yesterday.

12.02.2011 - My fanlisting collective has been in major hiatus without further notice. Well, now, I guess it's time for a come back? I also transferred my collective from Virtuoso to EdenTRAP because I want my current sites to be neat and more organized.

07.12.2009 - I have an upcoming fanlisting, but my computer is broken so I can't open it yet.

07.08.2009 - Virtuoso is now officially online! *w00t*

07.06.2009 - O_O I can't believe I joined 25 fanlistings in one day. Yep, as this collective is nearing it's completion, I'm also joining the fanlistings that I can possibly think of.