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Welcome # visitor, to edenTRAP; the fanlisting collective that houses Aki's owned and joined fanlistings. This collective contains fanlistings listed at TFL.Org and AFL.Com.

!Notice: All of my fanlistings are being transferred to this domain, expect that majority of the links from the owned section aren't working yet.

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What is a Fanlisting Collective?
A fanlisting collective is a place where you organize all your fanlistings. It is basically a site that showcases all of the fanlistings a particular person owns, hosted at a particular domain or fanlistings of a particular subject.


01.09.2018 17:08
Summer Solstice
I've finally decided to move on to the 8th version of my layout because I kind of not feeling the previous on anymore. XD I just did this the entire day and quite satisfied with it already. I still have to fix some styles in here and I should probably be doing the K.I.M script so that potential members could already sign up for their favorite subject.

14.11.2017 19:24
New babies to fill the love...
My application for the fanlistings of Helena Bonham Carter and James Franco has been approved! *gasps* It's been a long while since the last time I've applied for a fanlisting (it was two years ago to be exact). To be honest I haven't touched my collective since then, all I did this time is to update my fanlistings (approve members) and I've lost track of the fanlistings I've joined that are now either dead or left unupdated. So I was surprised to find these awesome babies open for application, what just happened anyway?

12.11.2017 22:03
New home, new hullabaloos...
Since my domain Ethelion.NET expired, I had to put up my fanlistings to a temporary place just to avoid it getting trouble-listed. I've already purchased a new domain, which is INdisguise101.ORG but I have no plans on moving my fanlistings to that domain. So I've registered a free one, which is Edentrap.TK (and hope that it could last long) to hold my collective's name and fanlistings. I haven't finished transferring all of my fanlistings to this domain yet and I do plan to redesign some of my fanlistings' layout, so kindly please bear with me. ^_^

12.03.2012 15:49
Organizing my collective's categories...
I'm currently fixing all of my fanlisting collective's categories, putting all of my owned and joined fanlistings in one category. So, I'll try to finish fixing them all tonight and hopefull nothing idiotic would occur during the process. Good luck to me!

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